Why Buy a Naiad?

Uncompromised Quality At Every Step of Design and Construction

With so many boat choices today, how do you you know you are making the right decision for you. With NAIAD, its easy right from the start. No matter what your purpose, be it transportation, recreational, military or rescue, every NAIAD boat is built to the most stringent marine quality standards. Buy a NAIAD rigid-hull inflatable boat and you know you've purchased a vessel of unsurpassed quality that will go the distance, no matter the conditions. antarctic expedition boats naiad

Safety First

Maybe you need to negotiate rough waters daily, or maybe not at all. Isn't it good to know that every NAIAD rigid-hull inflatable is built to the highest safety standards just in case. Let's face it, there WILL come a time when you'll be glad you did. Marine conditions can change so rapidly that it only makes sense to have the best vessel under your feet at all times.... lives may depend on it.

True Customization

NAIAD boats aren't premade and distributed to retailers like many others. Why? Every boat owner has different needs, and building your boat to your specs allows us to do what most can't - offer you complete customization. Whether you're looking for a superyacht tender or a fire and rescue boat, NAIAD has the experience and knowledge to create the rigid-inflatable boat that will get you there and back, safe and secure.