Scientific & Oceanographic Boats

Scientific research on and below the ocean surface requires an incredible amount of equipment. When it comes to ocean science and exploration, nothing but a NAIAD will do - our combination of extreme stability, complete customization and attention to every detail ensure that time-sensitive missions are accomplished right the first time.

Long hours, cramped quarters and a multitude of research equipment all have to be taken into consideration when designing a craft for scientific observation on the open water. Many times there is no second chance to get the data you need to be successful in your endeavors. That's why NAIAD is the boat of choice for the world's most renowned explorers and scientists. NAIAD's design engineers work very closely with the lead scientific team to ensure that the vessel they construct fits each and every need when you may be thousands of miles out to sea without any support.

NAIAD's scientific and oceanographic boats are available
in sizes ranging from 5.8 meters to 14.6 meters