Custom Work and Refits - True Customization of All NAIAD Boats

All Naiads are custom built, and the Naiad group has the talent and experience to work with owners to produce boats that will meet the specific requirements of their operations. Steve Schmidt, founder and lead designer at Naiad NZ, is generally recognized as the world leader in RHIB design and engineering. The Connetts at Naiad Inflatables of Newport have over 60 years at sea and thousands of hours in RHIBs.Whatever your application, NAIAD will put it years of experience and knowledge of design to build a completely custom boat from the hull to your instrumentation.

Most RHIB companies use the same hull design regardless of the drive system. At Naiad, every hull is designed to produce the best hull shape and trim for the proposed power, fuel tanks, and equipment.custom cockpit NAIAD inflatable boats newport

Naiad has designed and built boats from 6' to 60' in a range of configurations. Naiads are in service as military patrol boats, dive boats, oceanographic research vessels, water taxis, tow boats, search and rescue boats, etc. Some commercial versions are unfinished aluminum, and some of the yacht tenders have been raised to a high standard of finish with Awlgrip paint, designer cushions, and teak decks.

Depending on the intended service, the pontoon system can be air filled, air and foam, or solid foam. Most tow boats, for example, use air filled pontoons for cushioning alongside other vessels. Pilot boats that come alongside the rough sides of large ships usually have solid foam pontoons.

Count on NAIAD for Complete Customization From Design Through Launch!