Commercial Boats

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Built tough to take the knocks, Naiad Pilot Boats are available in a range of designs and with options for diesel shaft drive or outboard engines. We fine tune the hull design to a special shape which ensures the boat remains highly maneuverable alongside the ship at all speeds, and can move cleanly away once the transfer is complete.

Safety is paramount, with superior visibility, clip-on safety lines around wheelhouse right to the cabin door, and a quick release MOB recovery ladder. Recent commissions include a fifth boat for one USA pilot company, a 12.6m twin diesel shaft-drive boat for a Caribbean port, and a 14m boat for a major NZ port.


The world's commercial rescue boats rely on NAIAD for their strength, durability and reliability. When your job is to tow and rescue disabled boats 24 hours a day, its good to know that you have a NAIAD under your feet. No other boat can provide such security to its operators while towing your vessel to safety in some of the worst marine conditions. Rescue boats have to be prepared for just about anything the ocean can dish out- and NAIAD designs each of its rescue boats to ensure that their operators can outfit their boats with dive equipment, salvage tools, saws and pumps safely and securely for transport.


Fast tourism boats is a rapidly growing market segment, with people becoming more selective with their leisure and holiday activities. Naiad understands the key drivers in this market - a seductive look, a ride that's safe yet exciting for passengers, reliable service, economic whole-life costs for the operator and a vessel able to provide a comfortable ride in a variety of conditions.

Naiad have many successful boats operating around the world, ranging from 8.5m twin outboard boats right up to 15m. All boats have on-board toilet compartments, canopies for protection from the sun, and some even have a small bar and concession area. A unique feature on several recent designs is a theater-style seating arrangement, with each row of seats being slightly higher than those in front giving passengers the best forward vision.

Water taxis also play a vital role in servicing the tourist industry, especially to islands and other remote locations. One Naiad water taxi in New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds has now clocked up over half a million nautical miles of trouble-free service!

NAIAD's commercial boats are available
in sizes ranging from 7.3 meters to 17 meters